Hello and thank you so much for visiting Kimberly Michele Photography! My name is Kim Crouch and this business is born from my passions, so I truly appreciate you being here, and am so grateful for your time. 

At Kimberly Michele Photography, we have a single focus - capturing the emotion and essence of people through photography - so that we can be the best at what we do. We love taking photographs and capturing special moments in people's lives. Children grow up so quickly and we believe it's important to capture precious moments and freeze them in time. There is no better time to have your photo session than when you are on vacation in Wrightsville Beach, looking, feeling, and acting your best and most relaxed. We're here to provide you with a fun experience that your whole family will enjoy, in addition to family photos that will last a lifetime.

Our mission is to create beautiful experiences for families on vacation in Wrightsville Beach or living in Wilmington, and capture those special connected moments through photography, so that you can carry those feelings with you always. We offer family, children, engagement/couple, individual, and high school senior photography. 

I discovered my passions, photography and art, later in life. I began painting in Winter 2013 and fully discovered photography a few years later. I have always loved art and art history, and coming from a strong math and science followed by business background, never thought I was creative or had any ability to create art myself. I've always enjoyed taking pictures, and used to find myself at my children's events taking photos of all the kids and sending them to the parents (whether they wanted them or not:) On a relatively recent vacation to the San Francisco, CA area, I took more pictures than any of my family members would like to recall, with my camera phone (back before iPhone cameras got really good). Finally, I got a "real" camera for Christmas, and my photography journey really took off.

I picked up a DSLR camera and never looked back. I found all I wanted to do was learn how to use it. I learned more about photography, in a relatively short amount of time, than I ever thought possible, going from picking up my first DSLR camera to earning my first income from a paying photography client, in about seven months. I find that photography is all is want to do - learn, take photos, practice, edit, learn more, and it is what I do every chance I get, incorporating it into my daily life, wherever that leads me.

I spend countless hours perfecting my craft, and will never stop learning. I grow with every shoot and love every minute of it. I love all types of photography but am particularly passionate about photographing people. I view it as an honor to be let into their lives when sometimes they are feeling vulnerable in front of a camera, or experience a once in a lifetime emotional moment, like an engagement, and having the opportunity to lift them up, make them feel special and beautiful, and capture them in those moments. It is a gift, and it fills me with joy.

My goal is for you to have fun during your photo session, and spend time enjoying the moment and with your family, just being together and enjoying your surroundings. I like to take a mixture of posed and candid shots. I'll direct you on posing, so please don't be nervous if you've never had professional photos taken before! If you have any specific requests, I am happy to work with you on those as well. My main goals are for you to enjoy the photography time and have some beautiful photos that capture the emotion and essence of your time in Wrightsville Beach.

I am lucky and grateful to call the Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach, NC my home - it's one of the most beautiful places on Earth! I've lived in coastal North Carolina since 2010, with my darling husband, and beautiful golden retriever. We raised our two children here who are now off pursuing their own dreams. When I am not practicing photography (or sometimes even when I am), I am usually running, at the beach, paddling with the Wrightsville Beach Outrigger Canoe Club, or watching my husband surf. I love to travel, especially to warm places on the water!

Something that's really important to me is contributing. So, we pledge to donate 1% of our first dollar in revenues to our last, to charities that support the arts or our coastal community.

Sharing my photography with you fills me with joy and gratitude. Thank you so much for visiting me here - this business represents my authentic self open wide to share with the world. I am hopeful that it brings you joy and perhaps becomes a part of your heart and world as well.